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Hint for children: If you don’t know what a word means, put the mouse pointer over it, or press it on the touch screen.

This website is primarily intended to help Sefton’s CRT Explorers by providing local information about the canal in Sefton, and its environs. The intention is that any Explorer working with children at any school can easily find out about the canal near that school. Bridges over the canal are numbered. You can identify them on the bridge map. Then Click on the bridge number for a photographs of each bridge along with the following information:

1. Access & parking information.

2. Bridge chronology (history).

4. Interesting features at or near that bridge, including:

  1.  Interesting features on or near the towpath.
  2. Habitats.
  3. Historical links.
  4. Engineering information.

Don’t forget, if you’re planning a visit to the towpath, you should follow the six easy steps guide on the Explorers website.

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