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There are literally thousands of flowering plant species to be found along this section of canal corridor, so I’ve only put a small selection into the slide show.

The flowers shown here all grow directly from the earth, and serve no purpose (to us) other than to look pretty. They are, in fact, the sort of things children think of as flowers.

The biggest surprise for me is the  native bluebell (protected). The slide show includes pictures of plant I’m not familiar with, which might also be rare or protected.


Wild Non-aquatic plants

Dumped Varieties

I suppose one way to describe the plants in this group would be “Garden Variety”. They are all cultivated species that have been dumped here.

I’ve left some dumped species out, because they are classified as Non-Native Invasive Species. Chief among these are Himalayan Balsom and Giant Hogweed.

As far as I know, the plants shown here are not classed as invasive, though they may be non-native.

Please don’t dump your plants here:- They may turn out to be monsters!