This site was first uploaded on 6 October 2015. The table below lists changes to the site since then. The site is primarily intended to provide information in support of the Sefton Explorers, and was uploaded before it was finished to allow them access. Initial changes are to correct mistakes and improve some features. Later changes will add features to make it more user friendly.




10 Oct 2015

The two part bridge map was combined into a single map. The welcome page was updated to reflect the change.

The Leeds and Liverpool Canal on Merseyside naturally divides into two sections at bridge 9, the canal to the North being cruiseway and open, while the canal to the South is remainder. The division into two maps made sense for that reason.

However it adds an extra step to accessing any useful information, and the page I made to navigate through didn't look right.

15 Oct 2015

Fixed some minor layout issues and some navigation problems. Removed some unused pages

Some pages that were not accessible to you because the hyperlinks don't exist. These pages will be added back when I've worked out where to put the links!

18 Oct 2015

Added this page!

Added Information for Melling Rock (Historic Melling)

Redesigned the Welcome page to include tabs

The Welcome page (Home page) now includes tabs. Each tab has information about specific ways of using the site. The tabs allow more information to be presented, while making it easier for the reader to find the information they need.

20 Oct 2015

Added Information for bridge 17A, 18, 19

Added more pics for bridge 0 (Coffee house bridge)

28 Oct 2015

Redesigned bridge access pages to use Google maps, and to include information about access for wheel chairs/mobility scooters

This change is an attempt to meet requests from the public

1 Nov 2015

Changed bridge map colours because the colours in Rural Sefton were too dark

This changeis intended to make the map more attractive to children.

14 November 2015

Began amendment of site to begin to target lower age groups. Also updated the places to visit pages to reflect changes in linked websites.

At this point, I've amended the bridge access pages, and the welcome pages to use simplified text and to provide text help where I'm unable to simplify it. I have not reduced the amount of information available. So be very careful about extending the child's attention span. Children under 9 will probably find it hard going. Children over 11 should be able to easily assimilate the information.