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The Leeds and Liverpool Canal crosses the border from West Lancashire into Sefton at Sudell Brook Aqueduct (top of the map), some 15 miles from the canal terminus at Eldonian Village in Liverpool (the middle of the small bright green block near the bottom of the map). This website describes that stretch of canal. It is primarily intended to be an information resource to support education, but is arranged as a fairly handy tour guide.  

The proper name of this canal is the “Leeds and Liverpool Canal” and it’s over 127 miles long, but this guide only includes information about the 13 miles of the canal in Sefton plus the 2 miles of the canal in Liverpool. I’ve just called the website “Sefton’s Canal” because:

  1. There is already an excellent book called “Liverpool and its Canal” by Mike Clarke, the foremost Leeds and Liverpool Canal historian. It’s true the canal used to serve Liverpool commercially, but that commerce is finished and the canal serves Sefton, now.  Use the buttons above to find out how.
  2.  It really is Sefton’s canal.  The first cut of the canal in the West, from Liverpool to Newburgh, was 26 miles long. Half of that stretch is in Sefton. Even more of it runs through land that was owned by the first Earl of Sefton at the time it was cut, and he had quite a lot to do with it.

The map on the right shows the areas of Sefton and Liverpool the canal goes through as coloured blocks. Although the names are the same as the political wards, the areas show traditional neighbourhood communities. Click  the map to see it full size, with bridges marked so you can explore it.

Bridge Map
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