Interesting Features

Major Route for Dublin.  Millers Bridge leads to Brocklebank Dock, where Seatruck ferries operate a service to Dublin. There is something romantic about the idea of hitching a ride from Leeds to Waterford, using the canal and ferries as a route, but it’s probably safer to take the ferry from Birkenhead.

Bootle Town Hall (1882).  During WW2, convoy escort groups sailed from Gladstone Dock in Bootle, led by Capt Frederick “Johnie” Walker and his ship, Starling.  His exploits were instrumental in winning the battle of the Atlantic, and hence the war.  His picture hangs in the main entrance of the town hall, along with the bell and ensign (flag) from his ship. The bell is rung before every council meeting, as a mark of remembrance.

WW2 Stop plank slots just South of the bridge.  

Skinner's Cooperage (Canal Street). This is the only traditional cooperage from which you can order a barrel to your own specification in the UK.

Other industry on old industrial site (Canal Street).

Both banks of the canal, and the back of the towpath, support a variety of wildlife habitats.

The towpath was resurfaced, and the canal dredged, in 2009 as part of the Canal Corridor Improvements

SAFE Productions artwork on Liverpool side of the bridge celebrating the role of Welsh builders in the construction of Bootle housing in the 19th century. The round plaque on the wall has the Welsh translation of "Build".