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Places To Visit

Of course many people travelling along this stretch of canal are on their way to/from Liverpool and the Salthouse Dock.  It’s a great place to visit, but on your way, you might like to take a look around some other places of interest.

On the left is a list of hidden gems on or near the canal in Sefton. Whether you’re interested in sport, art, history, wildlife or even just real ale, there’s something worth visiting on Sefton’s Canal. The buttons take you to a page with directions from the canal, and the official website “embedded” in the same page.

NOTE: “Another Place” is the proper name for Anthony Gormley’s “Iron Men” installation on Crosby Beach. You can see picture of the iron men on the UK passport!

Hint: If you want to view the official website in its own window, right click (long press if you’re using a mobile) on the website’s “home” button and choose “Open in a new window”.  

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