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The Leeds and Liverpool Canal was suggested by John Longbothom and John Hustler in 1766. It was surveyed by Mr. Longbotham in 1768, and that survey was checked and approved by James Brindley. The canal was then built in stages between 1770 and 1816.

This section of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal was cut in 1770-1773 in the first stage, and opened to traffic in February 1774, so it has over 240 years of history. The present tranquility of the canal belies the turbulence of that history, which includes:

I’m not a historian. In fact, history was one of my least favourite subjects at school - probably because the dark ages were so long and boring. But the Internet has changed my point of view!  Here’s some sites I find interesting, use for research, and often link to:

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