Bridge Timeline

Timeline of the terminus

The new canal terminus was completed in 1991 as part of the “Eldonian Village” project.  Vauxhall bridge, over which “Eldonian Way” runs, was opened in 1994 by Cilla Black.

The canal originally reached much further, as shown on this 1842 OS map, to “Clarke’s Basin”, at the junction of Bath St and Old Hall Street, near “Princes Dock”.  The landscape has changed a great deal since then, but it’s quite easy to relate this to modern Liverpool on Google Maps:- Draw a line along Old Leeds Street running South East, until it meets Bath Street.  With the opening of Stanley Locks and Stanley dock in 1848, this arm of the canal - from Clarke’s Basin to Pumpfields -  became redundant, and was sold off by the canal company to a railway company. It is currently the underground route of the Liverpool - Southport/Ormskirk/Kirby lines out of Moorfields (Exchange) Station.

The resulting canal basin, shown on this 1890 OS map, remained until 1981, when it was shortened to it’s present terminus at the Eldonian Village.  Over the period, the whole area was gradually taken over by the Tate & Lyle sugar refinery.

Two bridges that crossed the (now filled in) canal basin at Burlington Street and Chisenhale Street still remain, providing some very attractive fencing to the gardens of houses built on the site. You can see Burlington Street bridge from the new canal terminus.