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Hint for children: If you don’t know what a word means, put the mouse pointer over it, or press it on the touch screen.

This website describes the 15 miles of canal that winds through Sefton and into Liverpool. There are more than 50 bridges on the way, and there’s a button for each of them on the bridge map.

Canal bridges have number (or letter) plates on them, and you can easily find the bridges on the bridge map using that number.  Clicking on a button will open a page with a slide show of different views of the bridge. You can follow your journey from bridge to bridge using the direction arrows (Left for Liverpool).  There are also 4 buttons which will provide some useful information:

PLACES TO VISIT  If you’re not from this area, I expect you’re going to or from Liverpool.  But there are some places to visit along the way, click the “Places to Visit” button.

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